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Over the years Paul has taught hundreds of people to play guitar & bass, in most cases
pupils are playing a song by the end of the first lesson as well as introductory improvisation or soloing.
Paul’s approach is to make learning fun.
His extensive experience & patience help him to tailor lessons and courses to individual needs, going at
a comfortable pace for the student. The musical direction of lessons is also often student led, Paul usually
mixes a selection of classic rock/pop/blues songs (which help realise techniques that are generally useful
later on) with favourite songs of the pupil which they are usually more motivated to practise.
Paul has also helped many experienced and advanced players achieve techniques and ‘feels’ which had
previously eluded them, he can teach music theory and chord structure where required as well as scales
and modes, using American (Jazz) numbers theory – easier to grasp than the classical approach…
As well as learning favourite songs lessons are designed to help with ear training, playing confidence,
relaxed muscle control, hand – eye coordination, high speed accuracy, syncopation & rhythm,
using the whole fretboard and much more…
Playing guitar and bass can be extremely rewarding & very relaxing / stress relieving and for many
can result in benefits outside of music; – better academic results, confidence, coordination, etc.
All chord sheets and lesson notes provided, and amplification for lessons at Paul’s place…


£20 per 1/2 hour lesson / £40 per hour lesson – visiting

£15 per 1/2 hour lesson / £30 per hour lesson –  at Paul’s

5 & 10 Lesson courses available
Band workshops available
Repairs & set – ups available